Spell Crazy – paranormal romance

Spell Crazy paranormal romanceNow available…

Spell Crazy is a lighthearted take on the romance of magic…

Athena Gwyvern botches a love spell, unleashing demons, and must send them back before Viviane, magistra of Avalon Institute, and her demon hunter can pin the fiasco on her.


Available now: Spell Crazy
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Praise for Spell Crazy

5 STARS!  “Athena believes that if she casts a love spell she will become stronger as a witch and find true love. What happens instead is a thing of hilarity, surprise, fun, and romantic interludes. This was a fun book to read.”

~ Laurie B., Goodreads

5 STARS!  “I quite enjoyed this book…I love Athena as a character and who she is and who she becomes. She is a great leading character. Such a resilient character. The world is expected of her because of who her family are…The other character we follow is the head witch of the school, Viviane, and her love interest Tak…Very easy to read and get into.

~ Amy, Goodreads

4 STARS!  Spell Crazy is a paranormal romance filled with interesting characters, a young witch whose spells never seem to go right, and a love spell…Loved the connection between Athena and Sean.”

~ Michelle V., Goodreads





Black Cat Mystery Magazine Story

The new Black Cat Mystery Magazine is out and includes a story from yours truly. I’m in great company in this issue, too, so it’s sure to be a murder of good reads.

Black Cat Mystery Magazine 4

Digital version:


Paper version is available here:


Or if you want to buy at Amazon, here:


If you love mysteries, you’d love a Black Cat membership for all the Freebies. Most quarterly magazine subscriptions get you 4 magazines per year and that’s great. Members of Black Cat get those plus a bunch of new freebies every single month. Free members get a new free mystery ebook and paid subscriptions get 7 free mystery ebooks. Obviously, the Black Cats love mysteries as much as we do. Meow.

Coming soon: Cover reveal for my new book!

Molly’s Psychic Reading Room

At the NW corner of Grape and India Streets in San Diego sits a little psychic reading room that looks like it might have been a gas station in a former life. The squat brick shop, dwarfed by its towering sign and surrounded by an ever-empty fenced parking lot, endured year after year while the city grew and changed all around it. Its humble, stubborn, misfit character inspired me. I imagined Molly, the psychic medium of TL4D, living there, her backstory, her friendship with Lola. She spoke to me and she was so fun that I kept on hanging out with her.

This neighborhood is called Little Italy. It’s a great place to find contemporary art, eat great Italian food, or watch sailboats dozing on the bay. I never went into the psychic shop, but I have gone in the harlequinesque 7-11 across the street a few times, also in the book.

Recently I learned the gas station psychic shop is slated for demolition. Beats me if anyone else is going to miss the place, but I know I will.


Mystery Shorts

I don’t mean the eternal question: Boxers or briefs? Rather, the 2018 Derringer Awards for short mystery fiction have been announced. Winners are posted here, at the website of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, with links to the winning flashfic and nominees. Congratulations to all!


It seems to me when people look at anything, often the first question that occurs to them is: How can I eat that? This might be how the rumor started that the moon is made of cheese. That, and dragons occasionally eating it and then spitting it back out, like last night. I didn’t get a good pic of the lunar eclipse last night, but thankfully the dragon did spit it out, so surfing will continue in California. (Because without the moon, the oceans would be much calmer.) As for the eternal question of how to eat stuff, I’m a fan of backyard gardening. Texas Gardener’s Seeds, a fine gardening journal, includes a flash mystery of mine this week, A Two Hundred Dollar Lunch, here. (Scroll to the second item.)