All biographies should start with a romance, and mine is no different. My parents met in Washington, DC, working on Embassy Row. Neither of them knew any English, nor did they speak a word of one another’s language. Just as the rendezvous of sunlight and rain can coax forth a dandelion or a sunflower, these very different yet harmonious elements bonded and conjured a third element: me.

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The first stories I made up were about the family, efforts to come to terms with the fact that obviously I had been abducted by aliens from another planet. I kept making things up and simply never stopped.

On a quest to understand humans, I first studied psychology before getting my BA in anthropology/archaeology at Sonoma State in California. While living in Boulder, Colorado, I took my young daughter, Kasia, to a nerd-heaven open house at the National Institute of Standards Technology. There I met my husband, David, a London native with one foot in each country. We married in London and had our son, Sebastian, just over a year later. The move to our current home, San Diego, came with my attending law school here at Thomas Jefferson.

Over the years I’ve pursued diverse kinds of work and arts, and traveled as much as possible. Fond of unreliable narrators and happy endings, fiction and poetry always thrive in my garden, alongside my miniature giraffes.

petite lap giraffe loungingMy short fiction and poetry have appeared in small press venues under the name Dawn Lyons, including the anthology “Return of the Dead Men (and Women) Walking.” The Last Four Digits is my first novel.

Beneath my drive to create characters and build stories around them is a quest to find the beauty in everyone.

People are the starting points of all my stories.

Every one is a love story.


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