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Spell Crazy – paranormal romance

Spell Crazy paranormal romanceNow available…

Spell Crazy is a lighthearted take on the romance of magic…

Athena Gwyvern botches a love spell, unleashing demons, and must send them back before Viviane, magistra of Avalon Institute, and her demon hunter can pin the fiasco on her.


Available now: Spell Crazy
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Praise for Spell Crazy

5 STARS!  “Athena believes that if she casts a love spell she will become stronger as a witch and find true love. What happens instead is a thing of hilarity, surprise, fun, and romantic interludes. This was a fun book to read.”

~ Laurie B., Goodreads

5 STARS!  “I quite enjoyed this book…I love Athena as a character and who she is and who she becomes. She is a great leading character. Such a resilient character. The world is expected of her because of who her family are…The other character we follow is the head witch of the school, Viviane, and her love interest Tak…Very easy to read and get into.

~ Amy, Goodreads

4 STARS!  Spell Crazy is a paranormal romance filled with interesting characters, a young witch whose spells never seem to go right, and a love spell…Loved the connection between Athena and Sean.”

~ Michelle V., Goodreads





The Last Four Digits: A Lola Vega Mystery

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Fans of Stephanie Plum and Izzy Spellman will love the adventures of Lola Vega…

To catch a movie star’s killer, she’ll romp through SoCal, Tijuana, ex-wives, and psychics, dodging professional killers and one hot homicide cop. Everybody wants Lola!

~Southern California Book Festival Award Winner~

~2017 San Diego Book Award Finalist~


Available now: The Last Four Digits
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Praise for The Last Four Digits

5 STARS!  “…A suspenseful and engaging mystery with quirky believable characters… This book is gripping and suspenseful. The plot is very engaging. The characters are drawn so well through their actions and dialogue. This book is fun and fast paced, and I could not put it down. I look forward to more novels by Julie Leo.”

~ N. R. Cohen, Amazon.com Reviews

5  STARS!    “…To me, it’s every bit as good as the Stephanie Plum novels. I loved the sassy detective and girl humor–this book has a good dose of funny to go along with the mystery plot. The main character was likeable because she was vulnerable, and not just some cardboard female badass. The mystery aspect and plot were good, but the characters were what really drew me into this book…”

~ Lori R., Amazon.com Reviews

5 STARS!    “Written with a touch of humor, a dash of romance, and a healthy dose of mystery, The Last Four Digits by Julie Leo is filled with interesting twists and amusing turns that keep the main characters on the verge of danger…Julie Leo does a remarkable job of writing dynamic characters and creative plot points. Her dialogue is believable and highly entertaining…I enjoyed the story from beginning to end, and I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.”

~ Francine Zane for Readers’ Favorite

5 STARS!    “In The Last Four Digits there is something for everyone; guns, romance, explosions and murder. There also is more than one mystery to solve...Lola Vega is a likable character that I would like to see more of in the future. She is smart, fashionable, and is always getting into trouble. However, my favorite character in the book was Molly. She was funny and very unpredictable…I enjoyed reading this book and hope to read more of Lola’s adventures in the future. This book is the first in the Lola Vega series. If you like action packed murder mysteries, then this book is for you.”

~ Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

4 STARS!  “…Fascinating…Gripping and engaging, this is a mystery that keeps on getting better and better. Just when you think you have it figured out, a new clue pops up. Inching closer and closer to the truth, you just have to see how it all ends.”

~ Chica Latina, Sandra’s Book Club